Teaching Philosophy

A significant aspect in teaching is to meet the specific needs of all students, no matter what the situation is. This is at the center of my teaching philosophy. With each student there is a possibility of growth and accomplishment. My goal is to work to build a relationship with every student and help them so they can succeed.

In order to help students learn, there needs to be a relationship established first. To connect with students, I think care and respect has to be shown to them. Once we model care and respect for students, they will also show care and respect, as well as trust in you as their teacher. As a teacher, I aim for my students to understand how to respect and care for themselves and others, as well as be comfortable with asking me for help or guidance whenever they need.

Once a relationship is built, learning can take place. I see learning to be most valuable when students’ needs are met and they can experience the Saskatchewan curriculum in a variety of ways. Some of these include through guest speakers, cooperative learning groups, observations, hands-on learning stations, discussions about learning, and inquiry. These instructional strategies allow students to understand what they are learning in a variety of ways and accommodates learners who don’t always benefit from worksheets. In addition, my instruction is delivered in a way that my students are comfortable adding input and collaborating as a class to learn new things. Every opinion is valued in my classroom and I will do anything I can to incorporate students interests’ into my teaching approach.

Students should also be exposed to a variety of viewpoints and cultures within their learning. This will help students learn about other people and their beliefs, not just their own. When students have a chance to learn about others it offers them a chance to walk in another persons’ shoes and experience what they have. My hope is to develop caring and understanding citizens in our ever evolving society with many different cultures present.

Another aspect of teaching that is important to me is always reflecting on what students are taking from my approach and how I can improve student learning in my classroom every day. By adapting my style of teaching to different learners and situations, I will be able to create more beneficial learning experiences for my students that they will enjoy. In addition, it is key to start everyday with an open mind and positive outlook, no matter what has happened the previous day. Students can read how their teacher is feeling so it is important to reflect on the attitudes you are portraying around your students. This way, you are always working towards a more successful classroom and better learning for your students.

There is always a way to accomplish learning, no matter what milestone a student faces, and I will never give up on any student. I will always look forward to that breakthrough moment when a student finally accepts their teacher, gets what is being taught, or thanks you for helping them. Every student is special and deserves all that we can offer them. It is our job as teachers to always set students up for success, thus, that should always be on our mind as we take on a job, start planning, deliver instruction, perform assessment and continue every day.

– Michelle Hordos