My name is Michelle Hordos and I am currently in my fourth year of the Elementary Education program at the University of Regina. I cannot wait to complete my degree and embark on my teaching career! I have recently completed my internship in a Grade 3 classroom at Punnichy Elementary Community School. The staff and students were amazing- I could not have had a better experience. Completing my internship has helped me grow in many areas and has affirmed the fact that I want to be a teacher!

Now to let you know a little bit about my personal life: I am engaged and will be marrying my fiance Cole this coming June (2017). I have had the pleasure of growing up with four older brothers and a mom and dad. Even better is the fact that our family has grown in the past few years. There is never a dull moment in our house when everyone is around! Below is a picture of everyone in my immediate family (I have gained a lot of sister in-laws!).


From right to left: Carissa,  Matt, Sarah,  James, Dad, Mom,  Mark,  Jody,  me,  Cole,  Amanda, & Paul

When I am not busy with completing my degree and teaching I enjoy visiting with family and friends, reading, playing sports, and of course helping out on our family farm. I have had the privilege of growing up on a grain and cattle farm for my entire life before moving to Regina for university. Living and working on a farm, as well as being a 4-H beef member for 13 years, has taught me many life lessons and transferable skills that will last me a lifetime. I would say my most favorite thing on the farm is caring for and working with cattle. Some may think working with cattle is a strange hobby to have, but I love it. You get to meet new people, develop new skills, stay in touch with the latest techniques and cattle breeds, as well as care for livestock.

To end my introduction I want to share with you some of my favorite photos (mostly from the farm!)


Cole & I


Cole’s Ford Bronco


My siblings and I goofing around a long time ago!


Assisting younger 4-H members- one of my favorite things to do!


One jack I caught. Forgot to say that I love fishing too!









One of our first ever 4-H beef projects!


Nikki and I riding.