Contributing to the Learning of Others

ECMP 355 has been an incredible journey. Over the semester I have been able to accomplish things that I never expected. Along with learning things for myself, I also contributed to the learning of others around me. Through Twitter, blogging, and Google+ I was able to build my PLN and engage with others like never before. I want to cover the learning that happened on Twitter first because over the semester I found myself always gravitating towards Twitter and it was the place where I did most of my interactions!


Before ECMP 355 I did have another Twitter account, however, I never interacted with anyone on it and I did not follow other educators or education organizations. Now, after joining ECMP, I have created a professional Twitter account that I am proud of. You can visit my professional Twitter account here. At the beginning of the semester I began by following my fellow classmates and other educators around the world. In addition, I followed tools like ClassDojo and SeeSaw. Once I had followers I started re-tweeting resources to share with others. Not long after that I also started using hashtags (examples: #edchat, #edtech, #k12chat, #elemchat, #inquiry) to provide resources to an even bigger audience. Now on Twitter I am also sharing resources I found on other sites to benefit other educators even more. Through Twitter one of my favorite Thursday night tasks every so often turned into joining #saskedchat. It is great to connect with educators and share resources that we otherwise might not hear about! I will definitely be continuing to grow my PLN through Twitter and will also use it as a resource bank throughout my teaching career. Below are just a few of my interactions on Twitter.


Throughout the semester I wrote many blog posts for others to see. Within these blog posts I shared tools and resources that readers could use themselves. In this blog post I  share tools I found helpful when completing my learning project. In others like this blog post I gave a review on a tool (VoiceThread) educators can use for themselves and with students. By writing these reviews and sharing these resources I was contributing to the learning of others. My classmates and other readers could access my posts and quickly learn about resources and tools they could use themselves.

In addition to my own blog posts, I also contributed to others learning by commenting on their blog posts. Over the semester I made efforts to comment on my classmates blogs regularly and give them feedback I had. I found it really important to comment on people’s blogs because I found it comforting myself when someone else would give me helpful feedback and encourage me to keep going in whatever task I was doing. In addition, I was able to offer resources that I had come across and may be helpful to the person I was writing to also. Below are some comments I have made on my classmates’ blog posts over the semester. Here is my Log of Significant Blog Interactions. This includes links to more of the comments I have made on blog posts throughout the semester. I have not included all of them, just ones I found significant.


Over the semester I mainly used Google+ as a place to ask questions that I had related to the course or technology. This contributed to the learning of others by my classmates also being able to see the questions and answers provided for them that were on our page. Also, asking questions showed others that they were not alone in learning new things! Below are some of the questions I have asked over the semester on Google+ and some responses to them.



Often when others asked questions on Google+ I had the same questions myself! This made it hard to answer others questions. However, as time went on I found I could answer some questions, which showed me I was learning a lot myself. In addition, it contributed to the learning of others when I could share what I knew about what they were asking. Below are some instances where I was able to share resources or what I could contribute to the questions being asked by my classmates.



















I am very thankful for the experiences I have had this semester and am hopeful that others were able to benefit from my interactions with them!


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