My Learning Project Wrap Up!

My learning project wrap up is here! The time has gone fast and I am now testing myself with this little creature below.

Preparing for my turkey dinner took quite some time. First of all, I needed to decide what I wanted to cook besides the turkey and find those recipes. Not long after that I decided to nail down who I would be inviting. From there I used Out of Milk to organize myself for the dinner. I found Out of Milk after trying out a few tools I could use in my last blog post about my learning project found here. Below is part of my to do list on Out of Milk that I followed to get things done. I found this tool very helpful and would encourage anyone to use it if they are trying to organize a meal or event that you are cooking food for!

I decided to make a traditional turkey dinner- a turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, and a lettuce salad.  I am not going to say the whole process of making a turkey dinner was easy, but it was better than expected. Everyone enjoyed being together and the food was great! I am happy with how everything turned out. Below are some pictures of what I made and the recipes above them. Sorry there are no “how to” videos, my webcam has stopped working!

Turkey & gravy. Recipe here.







Mashed potatoes. Recipe here.

Stuffing. Recipe here.


Here is the final product on the plate below.

Finally, I want to wrap up all that I have learned throughout this whole process of my learning project. Before beginning this learning journey I wan not confident in my ability to cook! In one of my first blog posts I share that basically my only strong area in cooking was preparing breakfast! Now that I have embarked on this learning experience I feel a lot more sure in my ability to prepare meals for myself and others. Throughout the semester I have learned how to make meals such as lasagna highlighted here and pork chops highlighted here.  These meals I would not have attempted before beginning my learning project. I am thankful that I had the opportunity to teach myself something through a class!

As I completed my learning project I also found and used a variety of resources that helped me learn new skills. Some of these resources are highlighted in this blog post where I gave reviews on some of the tools I had been using.  In addition to these tools and a few others I also found tools that I can use in the future as well! Cliptomize and Out of Milk were very helpful for my learning project. Cliptomize allowed me to create an online digital cookbook and Out of Milk kept me organized for my turkey dinner. To access my cookbook on Cliptomize click here. Completing this learning project has allowed me to broaden my knowledge of resources and tools that are helpful in this ever increasing tech world!

Not only did I gain resources, but I also had to learn how to blog about my accomplishments and teach others about what I did. In the beginning this process was daunting to me. I could not imagine trying to upload pictures, create videos, etc. However, now I am confident in sharing my learning with others and have learned how to document my learning. Below is one of the “how to” videos I created to teach others about what I was doing (in this case layering lasagna). Going through this process I have not only learned myself how to use online tools to document learning, but also can carry this knowledge into teaching students to do the same. Win, win!

My last words are don’t be afraid to try new things. You never know the possibilities there are until you try, with anything!!



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