ECMP 355 Summary of Learning

Well, the semester has almost come to the end!

When signing up for ECMP 355 in the beginning I was a little worried to be honest. I didn’t really see myself as a person who is very “tech friendly”. However, over the semester I have learned so much! I know I still have lots to learn about technology, but I also know that there are things I would have never thought I would be able to do that I can now do! Some of these things includes sharing videos on YouTube, making screencasts, and creating my very own blog! In addition to these skills, I have also gained important knowledge that will help me better teach students in the future. Please watch the video below of our summary of learning to understand just how much I have learned over the semester and the key points I will take with me as I begin my teaching career. Shae-Lynn Kowaniuk and I completed our summary of learning together. Enjoy!

Special thanks to Katia Hildebrandt and all of my fellow classmates for making my ECMP 355 journey so successful!!


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