Online Social Activism- Should it Exist?

This week we were asked to dive into online social activism. This topic is of interest to me so I was pumped when I found out we would be needing to do a blog post about it. First of all, I want to state that I believe there is definitely a place for online social activism in this world. The internet is increasingly becoming a place where we do many tasks, so why not use it as an activist tool as well. I think we should never underestimate the power of the internet in transforming our society.

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When researching about online social activism I came across a source that I find to be powerful. 5 Really Important Reasons to Stop Dismissing Online Activism expresses valid reasons for why we need to practice online social activism. The unique thing I found about this source is it also recognizes that online social activism is not perfect and we still have a ways to go in making it effective for everyone. I agree with this source and realize the importance of online social activism, but also that there are areas to improve.

Here are the reasons 5 Really Important Reasons to Stop Dismissing Online Activism highlights as important in continuing to practice online social activism:

  • Online activism can be more available to people with disabilities: people with various challenges, illnesses, and exceptionalities can access online activism easier than offline activism. In addition, online activism can help some anxious people gain confidence to speak and engage with others.
  • Online activism can be used to build community: engaging in online activism can enable you to be part of a community that understands your thoughts and feelings.
  • Online activism can be used to educate: our knowledge can be broadened through online social activism because we often have access to more opinions and ideas.
  • Online activism can help people pool resources: online activism allows for people to exchange ideas in a timely manner and develop plans faster.
  • Online activism can increase efficacy of offline activism: online activism can enhance offline activism by bringing awareness to more people and building a larger network of support.

I think these reasons are significant and are food for thought for anyone that thinks there is not a place for online social activism.

I want to wrap up with the point that this source makes in the last couple of paragraphs. Unfortunately, online social activism is not accessible for everyone. Often the privileged only have access to online social activism. However, this does not mean that we should not participate in online social activism at all. Online social activism is not perfect, but it can be effective in helping gain social justice where needed. I believe it is an extra tool to use as we seek to create a just world.


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