Who knew “Out of Milk” was a good thing!

Last week for my learning project I began planning the turkey dinner I am going to be having in the next couple of weeks. This week I wanted to find an app or website that would help me plan out my event. After searching for two hours I finally found an app that works for me!

First of all I tried an app called Punchbowl. At first I thought that this app allowed you to plan out an event, including food, guests, etc. However, after signing up and exploring I realized that it only has invitations that you can create and send to people. Although I think this is a pretty cool app, it does not fit my needs for my turkey dinner! However, if you are ever wanting to make invitations and send them digitally, you should check this app out. It looks pretty cool! Below is what Punchbowl looks like. (Little side note: I learned how to snip a shot from my screen and save it as a picture!)


The next app I wanted to use was called AnyList. AnyList is an app that allows you to create a grocery shopping list and also add recipes onto the app. However, after further reading up on the app I realized that I could only access it on an apple product. I am a Samsung girl so there went that idea! Anyway after learning about the app I think it would be useful for anyone out there with an apple product and wants create shopping lists and keep recipes in one place! Below is what AnyList looks like.

And last… finally…

Out of Milk! Out of Milk is an app that allows you to create shopping lists, to do lists, add groceries to your pantry, and also find grocery deals close to you. First, I signed up for Out of Milk and explored the app. It appears that it will work well for me! I will mainly use the shopping list and to do lists to organize my turkey dinner. I have already began adding things to my to do list and have added some things to my shopping list. Below you can see that I have added roast turkey to my to do list. Also, you can see the different options you have to visit and build on (shopping lists, pantry, to-do lists, grocery deals).



Here are some other things I have decided on for my turkey dinner aside from finding an app to organize myself:

  • I am hosting the dinner at my brother’s house
  • There will be 6-8 people attending
  • I will be roasting a turkey and having somewhat traditional side dishes


Stay tuned for more about my turkey dinner later!


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