Coding, you receive a P on my report card.

Coding… what? What is coding? Sounds scary!

This is what I have previously thought about coding. However, today I had a positive experience with coding and it isn’t so scary anymore! My positive experience could be because I had a chance to play with Flappy Bird but I will never know! Anyway, below is a video explaining what coding is and how it is a major part of our world.

Today I chose to complete an hour of code and that involved making a Flappy Bird game. This hour of code was for Grade 2+ but you have to start somewhere right?! Anyway, I made my way through the program and learned the basics of how to make game work using the basic coding it had.  Below is a Screencast of me completing Puzzle 2-4. (P.S. I learned how to Screencast and upload it to YouTube!)

As the program went on it took me through step by step on how to make a Flappy Bird game that actually works! On puzzle 10 it was my turn to make my own game after learning all of the steps in the previous puzzles. Below is the game I created. If you watch the video you can see that I am not very good at Flappy Bird! However, in continuing to try to get past the first pipe, I learned that I need to change the flap to slow in order to make it easier to get through the pipe!

The cool thing about this program is you are able to share the game you created with others. This would be a great hour of code for students to complete and then share with their classmates. Students could play each others’ games. You can play the game I created here. Enjoy!

Coding, you turned out to be not so bad after all. You receive a Pass on my report card. In the future I look forward to trying more complex coding and introducing coding to my students. Katia, thanks for telling us to be optimistic about coding. You are 100% right that we need to face every task with a positive attitude, not only for ourselves, but for our students. I think coding is a great opportunity for students to think outside the box, understand the sequence of events, and learn math concepts. In addition, there are so many coding resources out there that I did not know about. We are sure to find ones that fit our students if we work at it!


3 thoughts on “Coding, you receive a P on my report card.

  1. I’m glad that you were able to find some positive learning experiences throughout coding! I too was very hesitant about how to approach coding, as I have attempted to use it before, but actually really struggled with it. After exploring it some more with this class, it is definitely something that I would love to implement in my students’ learning. Thanks for the post 🙂

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