VoiceThread- An Online Tool for Educators

This week in our ECMP class we were asked to find an app or tool that we are unfamiliar with and and try it out! For this exercise I chose VoiceThread– an online tool that allows you to upload things like pictures, videos, and documents. Once uploaded you can make comments on these files using voice, text, audio file, or webcam. You can save these files and share elsewhere (like on WordPress for example)! VoiceThread is free to use, however, you can purchase additional services such as the K-12 Single Educator License. Check it out if you are interested!

Here are a couple YouTube videos showing some examples of how VoiceThread can be used in the classroom and also the basics of how to use the tool.  (I know some of you are visual learners!)

The following is my review of VoiceThread:


  • Free to use! Just sign up for an account.
  • Seems fairly easy to get a hang of how to work it. Within about 10 minutes of signing up I understood how to upload files and make comments on them.
  • There are tutorials right on VoiceThread if you are having troubles. Just click on Home and then go to the drop down menu and click Tutorials.
  • They have educator licenses you can sign up for!
  • So many benefits for teaching and learning- check out below!


  • Once I  commented on my file it took a very long time to upload and save. I wanted to upload the example I created however it is still uploading! I am not sure if it my computer or connection causing the problem. On the tutorial videos I watched it uploaded almost instantly.
  • Can’t find any other weaknesses yet besides the one above!

Ways VoiceThread is helpful in the classroom (for those of you who like to read instead of see something visual- like me!):

  • Teachers can create slides with comments on them for students to follow.
  • Enables students to create engaging presentations showing their learning.
  • Students can use Voice Thread for a variety of assignments, including how to teach others about any topic.
  • VoiceThread allows you to differentiate instruction for a variety of learners.
  • VoiceThread is easy to use.

For additional information about VoiceThread go here. Also, check out YouTube as there are lots of informational videos about VoiceThread and how to use it on there!

Here are some questions for you to ponder now:

1) What are your thoughts about VoiceThread?

2) Can you think of other ways VoiceThread can be used in the classroom?

3) What might you have to teach students about before using VoiceThread (ex. digital citizenship)?


2 thoughts on “VoiceThread- An Online Tool for Educators

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