The smallest action can make someones’ day. (learning more than cooking here!)

People appreciate it when someone does something for them, even something small. I encourage you all to think about someone special to you today, or even someone you hardly know and do something for them. As I have become an adult I have recognized how important it is to do things for the ones you love (and other people of course)!

The smallest action towards someone can make their day.

Today I am thinking about my fiance. He does a ton of things for me all the time and I owe him. I am spending the week with him and I wanted to make him a nice meal after a long day’s work. So here I am trying to impress him with stuffed peppers. I hope I succeed!

This week I heard about the stuffed peppers recipe I am trying through a friend. It’s crazy to think that simply texting a link can allow you to access a recipe so fast. No more sifting through paper cookbooks I guess! Anyway, here is the recipe for those of you interested. In the recipe it calls for ground turkey but I am using ground beef simply because of availability! Sometimes you just can’t find the right ingredients at a small town grocery store.

Skinny Taste is where the recipe came from. I like this site because it provides the nutritional values for all the recipes on the site. This is helpful if you are trying to track calories! There are tons of recipes on the site with interesting categories to browse including a kid friendly category. Also, they have diets you can follow. Great site, you should check it out!

OK, here is what I did…..

First I had the ground beef cooking in a frying pan with onions and garlic. I also added the necessary seasonings at this time (parsley, garlic powder, cumin powder, salt & pepper)

Once this cooked for about 10 minutes on low I added 1 cup of fat free chicken broth and a 1/4 cup tomato sauce, then stirred.

Once the ground beef was completely cooked through I added the rice. I chose to use Uncle Ben’s Bistro Express which does not take long to cook. I simply added the rice to the ground beef mixture straight from the package. Here are all of the ingredients combined and ready to go into the peppers.

Here is the stuffing process….





The stuffing filled the 6 bell pepper halves I had. There was stuffing left over so keep that in mind if you are wanting to do this recipe. Once I stuffed the halves I added cheese on top. On the bottom of the pan I added the left over chicken broth to bake. I baked for 45 minutes at 380 degrees Fahrenheit.

Now I am sitting here waiting for my fiance to get home……. hope he likes it.

Thanks for reading!


One thought on “The smallest action can make someones’ day. (learning more than cooking here!)

  1. I think that food might be one the kindest thing that you can give to someone! I’m sure that they were delicious and that your fiance loved them very much! Your kindness doesn’t go unnoticed! 🙂

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