One layer, two layer, three layer…

Today’s task:

Mastering the Absolute Best Ever Lasagna recipe I found on Food.

First of all I needed to brown the ground beef. I also added onions and garlic to the pot.

I show the next steps in the following video. In this video I start what will be the meat sauce.

After this video I added the ground beef to the tomato sauce to finish the meat sauce. I let the meat sauce simmer on the stove until the noodles were ready.

Once I added the ground beef I prepared the cheese mixture that would be another one of the layers of the lasagna. I also prepared the lasagna noodles, which was the other layer.

The following video shows how to prepare the lasagna once you have all three components ready (noodles, meat sauce, and cheese mixture).

One layer, two layer, three layer…

The first layer is noodles, then the meat sauce, and then finally the cheese mixture. You can do how ever many layers you wish. I was only able to do two!

Here is the lasagna ready for the oven. Once you have the lasagna ready for the oven bake it for about 45 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. I found this time and temperature suitable enough.

I must say over all the lasagna turned out great! It was tasty. However, it wasn’t my favorite thing to cook so far. There were many dishes that I needed to use! Also, the whole process seemed time consuming. I am ready to try something else. Any suggestions for what I should cook next would be great!

On the other side of things Food seemed to be a good resource to use. You can sign up with them and save recipes if you wish.  I found the recipe on their site easy to follow and straight forward.

Also, I found an app that is helping me keep track of meals. The app is called Meal Planner. I downloaded the app from the play store. On the app you can not only keep track of meals you have, but also add ingredients and items onto your grocery list. In addition, there are some recipes on there! I am super excited to try this app out and I will let you know how it is working for me soon!


Happy blogging.

PS- I am still searching for video editing programs. Let me know if you have any good ones to use!

Also, let me know if my “how to” videos are helpful or how I can improve on them.


4 thoughts on “One layer, two layer, three layer…

  1. It is looking tasty. I would suggest you to try some south Asian food i.e. chicken biryani. You can find recipe on youtube easily.
    I used youtube to edit my videos. You can try that.


  2. I think you are doing a lot better on your videos than I am! I downloaded a video editor, but if you don’t pay the $50, it will only save half the edited video and the video will be marked trial… to say the least, I deleted it. Quite frustrated with the process.

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