Conversations about technology in the classroom.

The following post was created by Michelle Hordos & Shae-Lynn Kowaniuk.

In our ECMP 355 class we were asked to create a post illustrating possible issues regarding technology in the classroom.  Please note that this conversation is just an example, not a real one that took place.

The following is a conversation had after Ms. Smith, a Grade 2 teacher, asked parents’/guardians’ opinions about creating a classroom blog.

Email from Grade 2 Parent:

Dear Ms. Smith,

I am just writing to express some concerns I have in regards to you wanting to start a class blog. First of all, I appreciate the efforts you are making in helping with my child’s learning. I realize that technology is a big part of schooling and I do see some benefits with this richer learning experience for students. Also, I realize that a classroom blog would help with communication between parents/guardians and the teacher. However, I am concerned about the privacy of my child on the class blog. I would appreciate it if you could give me a little more information on what you would like to put on the blog and if my child’s name will be on there.

Best regards,



Email Response to Parent:


Thanks for giving me some feedback about the blog I am wanting to create for our Grade 2 class. One of the main reasons for wanting to start this blog is so parents and guardians can see the work that their child is doing. Mainly, I would like to have a page for each child where I can add their learning and also use the blog as a communication tool with other classrooms as well. In addition, I would like to share things with parents/guardians like upcoming important dates, for example.

I understand your concerns about the privacy of your child. When creating this blog, your child’s full name does not have to be on there. Also, I can make sure that any pictures exclude your child’s face. Please let me know if these strategies to protect privacy are adequate enough. If you have any more questions please feel free to email back or call the school to get a hold of me.

Here is an example of a class blog to check out if you are interested. This is similar to what I would like to do for our Grade 2 class blog:


Ms. Smith

Resources to support above response:


Reply to Teacher from Kathy:

Ms. Smith,

I think the ideas you have for wanting to start a classroom blog are great. Your suggestions made to protect the privacy of my child will be suitable. I am very excited to see my child’s work more frequently now. I appreciate your willingness to accommodate for me and I trust that it will all work out.

As a side note, I was wondering about whether or not the students would also be engaged in putting things on the blog. As a parent I am concerned about if students know how to use sites such as blogs and what you are doing to educate them about technology. Grade 2 students seem young to be having their information on the internet and I just want to make sure that my child is receiving the proper education about online presence.

Thanks for putting the time into answering my questions,



2nd Email Response to Parent:


I am happy to hear that my suggestions for privacy will work for you. In addition to creating the classroom blog, I am taking it upon myself to educate my Grade 2 students about something called digital citizenship. Digital citizenship covers topics such as online etiquette, communication, being healthy online, being kind to others, and digital security. All of these aspects of digital citizenship are very important to think about in our new digital world that most are engaged with, including young children. This will create positive digital citizens for the years to come.

These are some resources to look at to better understand digital citizenship if you are interested:

I hope this helps in easing your mind about your child being engaged with technology.

Have a good day,

Ms. Smith


Reply to Teacher from Kathy:

Ms. Smith,

Thanks for all of the resources you have provided. I can tell that you have put a lot of thought into this idea of a blog and students using technology in school and life. Because of your help I feel much more comfortable with the use of technology in the classroom. I will be sure to contact you if I have any other questions.

Thank you and enjoy your day



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