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Where has the time gone?! We are over half done our semester and I would like to give you some reviews on the tools and resources I have been using so far for my learning project in ECMP 355.


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Here are some of the resources I have used so far and how they have been working for me:

1. YouTube: I know quite a few people have been using YouTube as a source for their learning project, like Robbi Nace Keller in her post. She uses YouTube as a source to learn how to sharpen her gravers. I think YouTube is a great tool to use to learn new things. In my own experience for my learning project I have used YouTube just a couple times to learn a recipe or see how to do something. Mainly I use written recipes and instructions because I prefer to learn that way. However, YouTube has served as a place where I can also upload videos for others to see. For example, in this video I explain how to make the filling for shrimp fajitas. YouTube allows me to easily share “how to” videos and instructions with others. So far YouTube has been an awesome tool to use. I think we can say: Thank-you YouTube!

Photo Credit: redsoul300 Flickr via Compfight cc

2. Pinterest: I don’t need to say much about Pinterest. I think we all know how great it is! I have countless boards on Pinterest, including resources for teaching. However, I have been using Pinterest for my learning project as well. I have a board specifically for recipes I can use. It is so easy to search for something and find it on Pinterest. If you haven’t gone to Pinterest for your learning project yet I suggest you do!


Photo Credit: vastateparksstaff Flickr via Compfight cc

3. Cliptomize: I have already shared quite a bit with you about Cliptomize. I just want to remind you that it has been super helpful for me in recording all the recipes I have done and want to keep for the future.  Cliptomize isn’t just for cookbooks, you can make any kind of book on there. I suggest you check this resource out!

4. No. 2 Pencil: I found this blog when searching for recipes for my learning project. I have used a couple of recipes from here so far. This site is super awesome because aside from a ton of recipes there is also DIY and craft ideas to check out and use.

5. Natasha’s Kitchen: This is also a blog I found when searching for recipes. This resource has an inviting tone and lots of great stuff! Recipes are categorized nicely so they are easy to find. Check out the categories here.  Also, the recipes on this blog are easy to follow. One cool thing I found was this blog encourages you to share what you have cooked on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter and tag it with #natashaskitchen. I may have to do this task sometime!

6.  CyberLink Media Suite: I have been using CyberLink Media Suite to try to edit my videos that I create. However, I have had trouble trying to edit out parts of my videos on advanced video editing. If anyone has the same program on their HP computer and knows more about it please comment below and help me out!

7. CyberLink YouCam: I have been using CyberLink YouCam to record all of the videos I have shared so far. Below a boy explains some of YouCam’s features. CyberLink YouCam is an easy enough tool to use to create videos. You simply click the Capture button to record and then click it once more to stop. So far this tool has been working for me. Also, like he mentions in the video, it is easy to transfer videos from this program to YouTube once they are created.

I hope you appreciate the resources I have shared so far. Check them out and let me know what you think of them! In the future I will be sharing more with you and giving reviews.

I want to finish with questions for you:

  1. What resources have you used so far and have they been helpful?
  2. What video editing tools do you use? (Please share as I am seeking to find a program that is useful to me- easy to edit out parts of a video and possibly be able to add text, music, or other simple features.)

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