DIGITAL identity

One word. One sentence. One share. One post. One moment. One mistake.

Unfortunately, these thoughts circulate my head as I think about digital identity. I may be too paranoid but I think quite often about the scary things that could happen when engaging with online spaces and creating a digital identity. It only takes one person to take a post the wrong way, or one day for someone to not even recognize what they may be saying and how it could be marginalizing or discriminating others in this world. We have seen it countless times on the internet where people have made that one mistake and paid for it in their lives. It may have been intentional or may not have been intentional- the thing is SOME PEOPLE DON’T CARE. However, Katia gives me hope that people forgive others who make mistakes. She shared that she thinks it is important to allow people to move forward after they have made an unintentional mistake online. I really like this point she offers because we may be misunderstanding the person that we think did something SO wrong.

In no way would I ever anticipate making that one mistake, it is just always in the back of my mind as a share things with this ever evolving digital world that connects people in a matter of seconds.


 Photo Credit: aquopshilton Flickr via Compfight cc

On the flip side I now want to touch on my own digital identity. In high school I considered myself to be a conservative person online. There were only a few posts or tweets along the way that seemed a little silly (like saying I am bored, haha). Even before beginning university I was always worried about what others would think of me online. Similar to the way Christina Thiel shared what she used to think about digital identity in her post, I used to also think that “being invisible was much better than being visible”. Her post spoke volumes to me because previously I would try to also hide online in hopes that no one would notice my profiles in fear of their judgement (not that I actually had anything to worry about). Only recently, actually, after joining this class I recognized the importance of creating a positive digital identity. Creating a positive digital identity can allow me to showcase myself in a great way to others- show my strengths and abilities. From now on I am going to work hard to develop and strengthen my positive digital identity.

I am happy to say that 2 of the 3 top results that came up on DuckDuckGo when I searched my name were my professional Twitter account and my blog! This gives me some satisfaction that I am on my journey of building a positive digital identity!



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