Cheeseburger Soup Anyone??

Hi all!

So I had mentioned earlier that I would be making cheeseburger soup today for my learning project. I have never actually set out to make soup before! I was excited and worried at the same time that it would flop because I was making lunch for my family! I used a recipe from Pinterest. In addition, I used a crock pot to make the soup, a kitchen tool I have never attempted to use before. By the way they are pretty handy little things. I began at 7 am and it was ready by 1130 am. The main thing I liked about the crock pot was that you did not need to attend to it often. Once I added the right things at the right times I could leave it for a long period of time without checking it. I thought this was fabulous, seeing as I had homework to do in the mean time!

Here is how the whole process went for my cheeseburger soup, starting from the beginning…



I started out with the first couple instructions: cut up the vegetables required and put them in the crock pot with chicken broth. (The spices in the picture on the left are parsley and basil. I also added salt and pepper.)

Next, it was time to let it cook for quite a while (about an hour and a half, depending on the slow cooker you have). I have a crock pot slow cooker. It had a low, high, and warm setting. I cooked it with the high setting for most of the time because I wanted it to be ready by lunch. With some slow cookers it may take longer.


20170201_094611When it seemed the vegetables were nearing close to being tender I began to cook the ground beef I would be putting in the soup (picture to the left). After cooking the ground beef I prepared a combination of butter, flour, and milk which would be a thickener for the soup. To the right is a picture of the soup after I added the ground beef and thickener.

Once I added this I again let it cook for quite a while- I would say about an hour. When it was cooking I grated cheese that would be the last ingredient to go in.  In the recipe it called for Velveeta cheese, however, I just added cheddar cheese that I had at home. For the complete recipe and all the ingredients you need go here. The pin on Pinterest took me there, where the full recipe and instructions are.

20170201_10210120170201_121506Finally, the last step! The final product and actually trying it. On the left is the soup when it was finished. On the right was the delicious bowl of cheeseburger soup I had for lunch! On an aside I also made grilled cheese haha. My family enjoyed it (well they said they did anyway). I am happy with how it turned out!


I already feel like I have learned quite a bit and my learning project is just beginning! Before this week I didn’t know how crock pots worked, I had no clue how to thicken soup, and I didn’t have the confidence to try making it- now I do! In addition, I learned that Pinterest can also be helpful for cooking and the Cliptomize cookbook I have begun creating is looking good. I’m fairly satisfied so far!

One last thing… I am taking recommendations for what I should cook next! Please comment if you have any ideas. In addition, I am also hoping to take a video next time I am cooking but I am not sure what is the best way to do it or how with my computer to upload it on here, so feedback about that would also be super helpful!!

Thanks, and happy blogging! Hope your learning projects are going well! 🙂




9 thoughts on “Cheeseburger Soup Anyone??

  1. Hi Michelle,
    Your soup looks delicious! The crockpot is an amazing tool to have and use. I discovered the joys of it when I was living alone in Calgary. You can throw something in there, let it cook all day, and when you get home have supper ready! I love following your learning project (although it does make me hungry). Happy cooking!


  2. Hi Michelle
    This looks absolutely amazing! Your post caught my eye because I have actually attempted to make soup before and it did not turn out very well! I am very happy your learning project is going well. It appears you are learning lots!


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