My Game Plan…

No I am not talking about football!

Tomorrow I am going to be preparing and serving Cheeseburger Soup to my mom, dad, a couple of my brothers- sounds delicious right?! I am excited to try my soup making skills.  To be honest most of the time my soup is from a can! I know it sounds pretty sad but usually I don’t have time to prepare my own soups, but tomorrow I am making time! I hope my family isn’t too judgmental if the soup doesn’t turn out- I have my mom’s cooking skills to compete against. Skills that she has honed over the past 30 years cooking for her 5 kids and her husband! Big shoes to fill, I know.

So I have said that I would keep you all posted about how Cliptomize is working. Cliptomize, as I mentioned early, is an online resource that allows you to develop a digital cookbook, or other books of your choice. Below is a video introducing Cliptomize.

To date, I have started my own cookbook on Cliptomize. I have only had the chance to add one recipe so far- the Cheeseburger Soup I am making tomorrow! Here is a link to my cookbook created through Cliptomize:

Please check it out and let me know what you think! Simply copy the link above into your browser and my cookbook will show. You should be able to see the pages in it so far.

When using Cliptomize I discovered some pros and cons. First of all I want to share with you the great things about it. Cliptomize is free- a bonus! I found it super easy to get set up and begin. So far, it has been easy to add the recipes I want. Also, I have noticed that you can add a picture or video into your book, which I think is super cool.  I haven’t tried doing so yet but think it would be beneficial in drawing more people in to your creation. It is fairly easy to add text boxes and type into your book. One more cool thing to note- you can choose whether everyone can see your book, or only people with the link! Reminds me of Padlet, cool idea! So far I am enjoying it and it seems to be working good. I am excited to start using more of its tools soon.

Now I will share with you some things I found a little inconvenient- there aren’t too many things so far. One thing is there are only a few selections for font size. For example, the options skip from 28 to 36 size, there is no in between.  One other thing is the fact that once you select a font size for a text box, you need to use the same size font for the whole box. For example, if I wanted to make a heading bigger above my info below, I can’t. I haven’t found a way to change these things yet. I will keep you posted about how Cliptomize is working for me throughout my learning project.

So you may be wondering where I found my recipe for this week. PINTEREST is my hero. I have always used Pinterest for classroom resources but recently created a board for cooking ideas and recipes as well.  I find Pinterest to be one of the most helpful resources because you can categorize resources easily into boards for reference later on. You can also search almost anything and find useful resources to use. Pinterest is easy to sign up for- just need an email and password! If you do not have a Pinterest account, you are missing out. I strongly suggest you sign up.

Anyway, here is the recipe I found on Pinterest this week- the Cheeseburger Soup I have been talking about!

I will soon share with you how the soup turned out- wish me luck! 🙂


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