Tweet, Tweet, Tweet!

So… the question is: What are my thoughts about Twitter?

Over the past few years I have had a Twitter account, but just recently decided to create a new professional one. I seemed to thoroughly enjoy Twitter over the past few years. I would follow who I wanted and read their stuff. However, I have never really tweeted myself or used hashtags so I am kind of still feeling new to this thing! I found the little hints helpful in ECMP 355 last night. Over the course of the semester I hope to build my twitter account and gain resources that will aid me in teaching. In my introductory post I did give you a link to my twitter page, however, here is my Twitter profile. Give me a follow if you haven’t already!

The next question is: What do I think about Twitter in the classroom?31446743815_d9133bde88_b

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I think that Twitter in the classroom would be a great thing. I have never really thought about using it in the classroom before because I never really knew how I would use it. However, I could see it being useful to create a class page in order to connect with other classrooms around the world using certain hashtags, like #elemchat for example.  Connecting with other classrooms would enable us to share resources, gain resources, and showcase student learning. In addition, classrooms could keep in touch like never before.  I think Twitter is the right resource to start using because it seems like more and more educators are choosing to use Twitter all the time.

To end off I want to ask you: What are your thoughts on Twitter or your thoughts about what I have shared in this post?

Comment below, I always like hearing others ideas!


2 thoughts on “Tweet, Tweet, Tweet!

  1. I also had Twitter for a few years before I decided to transform it into a professional learning network. I never posted prior to needing it for University classes and I didn’t even read through any posts…now that I think about it I am not really sure why I even had it!

    Since I have started using Twitter as a means for professional connection with other educators, I have found a whole new appreciation for the app. Everyday, I am able to scroll through my feed and learn from those who have been in the profession for years, as well as collaborate with new teachers like ourselves. Now I do not go through a scrolling session without saving at least one idea or thought shared by another.

    I haven’t used Twitter in the classroom before, but I am very excited to try it out. After looking online, I have found so many cool and beneficial ways to implement it into students’ everyday learning! One I particularly found helpful was Teach Hub’s “50 Ways to Use Twitter in The Classroom.” I added the link to my own blog post about Twitter!

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