Where to begin?! My first ever blog.

Hello everyone out there!

I am a fourth year elementary education student in my last semester at the U of R! I am very excited to complete my degree and continue my teaching journey. I am very enthusiastic about teaching and love to inspire students to do their best. There is no better feeling than recognizing that you are making a difference in a students’ life!

Now, to say a little bit about myself:

  • I am currently engaged and getting married on June 24 to my fiance Cole!
Cole and I

Cole and I

  • I have 4 older brothers in my family, and 4 sister in-laws (as well as mom and dad!) Here is a picture of all of us below!!


  • In my free time I like to help out on the farm, read, play sports, and also love spending time with family and friends.
  • An interesting point about myself that no one may know: I like working with cattle and exhibiting them at cattle shows.
Yorkton Spring Steer & Heifer Show

Yorkton Spring Steer & Heifer Show

So, now that I have shown you a little bit about myself I want to get into the real reason why I have started a blog and joined ECMP355: to build my PLN (personal learning network) and to develop my skills as an educator in a world where technology is becoming increasingly important. Not only is technology a part of our every day lives, it is or is becoming a part of our students’ everyday lives. This is why it is important for me to expose myself to a variety of tools that will assist me in the classroom and school as I am utilizing technology.

I have to be honest that I do not know too much about technology (or blogging) and am looking forward to learning about more tools and ways I can use technology to my advantage, especially in the classroom! I am very excited to learn in ECMP355 this semester and to learn from others as well!

To end I want to share with you my twitter profile. Check it out! Follow me! Let’s all learn together!



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