Learning Project: Where shall I start?

Hi there!

You are now reading about my learning project for ECMP355 at the University of Regina.

So…. the question today is: What am I going to begin to embark on for my learning project? Drum roll……

Cooking.  Exciting Right?!

Some of you may think  that cooking is easy or I should be good at cooking by the age of 21, right? However, although I am able to cook basic meals (like bacon and eggs) I have never really explored cooking more complex foods (that are challenging to get right) or using different kinds tools in the kitchen all that much. To be honest – I don’t even have any go to recipes. This semester I am not only going to explore cooking foods that I never have before, but I am also going to work towards making healthy foods for myself and my family/friends.

Photo Credit: wuestenigel Flickr via Compfight cc

So at this point you may be wondering what direction I am going to take with cooking because there is a lot I can choose to do. I have decided that I don’t want to constrict myself to one kind of cuisine or just cook with a certain ingredient every  time, so I have decided that for each week (starting next week) I will choose a recipe or recipes to explore and will also use a different tool in the kitchen each week to see how it helps me cook and what I can take from using it. I will also use Canada’s Food Guide and other resources to analyze how healthy my food choices are. In addition, I am hoping to compile a cookbook of healthy recipes.

For the end I envision hosting a dinner party and having a go to digital cookbook to use – but we will see how things go!!!

Tune in next week for more details about my learning project!


2 thoughts on “Learning Project: Where shall I start?

  1. Michelle,
    This is a great idea for your learning experience! I cannot wait to follow your journey and borrow some of the yummy recipes you found success with! I usually get my recipes from Pinterest, so if you ever get stumped and do not know what to make, I would use that as a resource. 🙂


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